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          Concept of Social Responsibility

          As a large state-owned enterprise, In the process of scientific development, Jincheng takes the social responsibility,calls for independent innovations, improvement on products quality, safety of enterprise, low carbon development as well as caring of staff growth, reciprocation to the society and it has achieved a lot in those areas.

           To do business well is the primary responsibility of an enterprise. Over the years, we have grown into a rapidly and steadily developed enterprise and have promoted the national economic development through the improvement on management and quality. We have achieved a lot in services to the people’s livelihood and the society and have met the needs of national defense construction. Jincheng had finished scientific research and production of weapons and equipments and major service security works for National Day Parade, Olympic Games and the Expo. Jincheng as famous motorcycle manufacturing enterprise, in strict accordance with the state environmental protection department and the latest regulatory requirements, develop green, energy-saving, environmental protection products.

          Jincheng Corporation created more employment opportunities and safeguarded legitimate rights and interests of the staff. Adhering to systems of worker representatives  congress and carrying out the factory affairs opening, through setting up “Model Home for the workers” and “enterprise of harmonious labor relations”, Jincheng Corporation gave full play to the staff’s initiative and creativity. Through all-round implementation of safety production responsibility system, safety quiz, labor safety and hygiene inspection on a regular basis, Jincheng Corporation enhanced employees’ safety production awareness, implemented the enterprise security responsibility and raised the safety production level. It promoted standardization of safety and quality as well as energy saving & emissions reduction. Its internal security is fine and has been awarded “provincial and municipal units of advanced civilization” as well as “municipal and district advanced unit of social security comprehensive management” for many successive years.

          Jincheng Corporation not only raised the return value but also put people and employee care first. It perfected system of salary assignment with post allowance, traffic allowance, etc. It set up pension account which covers all the staff. The “paid leave” as well as the visits and learning for the advanced individual benefited the employees. Physical examinations at a fixed period safeguarded the right of life and health of the employees. Besides municipal staff’s medical insurance, it effected supplemental medical insurance to improve the reimbursement proportion as well as aided the employees who were in extreme poverty. Jincheng Corporation carried out staff quality training as well as technical training. By accepting rational proposals and pooling everybody’s wisdom, it developed itself.

          Jincheng Corporation paid high attention and provide active support to social and public welfare undertakings as well as performance of duties. They were keen to repay the society. The general cadres and staff responded actively to an appeal to make donations to disaster area. One after another, they donated to flood disaster areas such as Chongqing; China Guizhou Aviation Group in heavy snow disaster areas; Earthquake disaster areas such as Wenchuan; the typhoon disaster areas such as “Morakot”in Taiwan; the drought areas in southwest China; Qinghai Province Yushu City; Indian Ocean Tsunami; Sichuan Ya’an earthquake disaster areas; Yun’nan Ludian earthquake disaster areas, etc. Among those donations, the donation to Wenchuan amounted to 2.2877 million RMB yuan, including 100 units of motorcycles. It followed Mr. Daguan Wu’s lead, enhanced party spirit consciousness, paid Particular Party Member Dues, donated to “Sky’s favorite son” Kind Fund, provided poverty alleviation aid to the designated sister regions as well as posts to the impoverished students. They sponsored impoverished students in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Furthermore, they created more employment opportunities by establishing factories in the local areas of poor areas in order to aid the economic construction of province and city. Take some examples, Jincheng was linked to some villages like Xiji Town in Huaiyin District, Huaian City; Xinqiang Village Yaxi Town in Gaochun District of Nanjing. It sponsored the establishment of Tangji Jincheng primary school and civilized homeland in Lotus Village of Lishui Development Zone. At the same time, it made financial donations to help educational development. It carried out party building and worked as a whole with private enterprises. Now Jincheng is on a characteristic road of helping the poor and the needy.

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