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          Jincheng’s motorcycle business started at the end of 70’s of last century. Through 30 years of development, AVIC Jincheng has grown into a back-bone enterprise of China’s motorcycle industry. Jincheng has been dedicating itself to the research & development as well as production of motorcycles. It has many firsts in China’s motorcycle industry: the first to export motorcycle production technology to foreign country, the first to establish motorcycle joint venture in overseas areas,the first to cooperate with European enterprise in motorcycle industry. Up till now, Jincheng motorcycles have been exported to over 80 countries and regions. Jincheng brand is one of the most famous brands of China’s motorcycle industry in overseas areas. Jincheng motorcycles are listed in the key famous-brand export products which are cultivated by Ministry of Commerce of China.

          Contact person: Mr. Dongdong Zhou

          Telephone: 84499725


          Nanjing Jincheng Electric VehiclesCo., Ltd, wholly invested by AVIC Jincheng Corporation in 2007, has beendedicating to the revitalization of Jincheng Electric Vehicles business.

          AVIC Jincheng is committed to taking the advantages of the sophisticated aviation technology tothe production of civil products. Since its entry into the electric vehicles business, AVIC Jincheng has been carrying out continuous uses of high and new technologies of aviation and motorcycle industry into the production of high performance electric vehicles to build a leading electric vehicle brand withcore technology advantages.

          Nanjing Jincheng Electric Vehicles Co., Ltd. is actively conducting thephilosophy, “Aviation Science and technology makes an easy drive” as well as the aim “producing responsible products and brands for the customers and the society”.

          Contact person: Mr.Yong Xu


          Nanjing Jincheng RailwayElectrification Co.,Ltd. is a joint-venture between AVIC Jincheng Corporation and JiangSu WuHua Engineering Co.,Ltd.Its main business is in the design, production and sales of urban rail transit steel aluminium composite contact rail,rigid suspension catenary system, railway electrificated catenary parts,section insulator which all use international advanced technology.

          The company has a team consisting of a seasoned striving force,of which the research & development person under the age of 35 takes 80%. Its team is vigorous and innovative, thus making thecompany own one patent of new utility and eight patents being accepted, five of which are patents for invention.

          It is right the high tide period of construction ofrailways. The company with huge market potential will invest 100 million RMBYuan before the year 2015 to realize 50 million Yuan in profits and taxes to contribute to the local and central finance. And, the successful operation of the company will promote the development of local commerce and trade as well as accessories factories. And, it will directly increase the employed labor force.Its amount of investment will reach 500 million Yuan before the year 2020, and will realize 300 million Yuan in profits and taxes before 2020. So it will create 300 job opportunities and promote social harmonious development as well as theliving standard of the people.

          Contact person: Mr.Zeliang Zhu

          Telephone:025-86169733 13776659012


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